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Since the age of 5, Connor Martin has been on a life-long musical exploration, and it has lead him to founding Martin Music Productions with a goal of encapsulating the best parts of you and your music.


With over a decade of recording experience paired with a degree in musical performance and lots of hands-on experience, your project is guaranteed to be on another level. We have worked with some of the best groups in scholastic a cappella like The Vassar Devils, Aquapella, Faux Paz and Highland Voices to name a few. We have recorded countless live performances of ensembles, individual singers and musicians, as well as produced tracks for singer-songwriters like Leah Raquel. Recently, the pandemic has sparked a new form of performing through virtual recordings, and with amazing audio and video editing, there's always potential to make your project remarkable, even from a distance. If it sounds like we have it all, that's the idea. Martin Music Productions was created in 2019 as a one-stop shop for all of your production needs. Click below to learn more about our services and to start your next project.

Our work is featured on these esteemed yearly compilations:

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Don't just take our word for it, here are some testimonials:

“The fact that Connor is able to get such a high level of vocal musicianship out of them the very first time they sing an arrangement is amazing. It’s a huge credit to his skills both as a vocal coach and a sound engineer. In addition to how wonderful he is to work with, the end product comes out sounding amazing!”                                 

- Tom Paster, Director of Highlands Voices, 8 time ICHSA Finalist

"Connor is a breeze to work with. If I’m not editing something myself, Connor is my first choice, and even when I am editing it myself, I’ll still probably send it to Connor for drum sequencing. His drum work always sets my mixes up for success."

Jill Clark, Producer, Jill Clark Productions

“Connor’s talent and attention to detail really gave our album the punch we wanted and needed! He’s also a great guy, super professional and a dream to work with.” 

Erin McCullough, Former Arranger and Music Director of Aquapella

“Connor edited the tracks for our latest album, Words Unsaid, and he did not disappoint! He polished the tracks without taking away any of the feeling, allowing for that magic and energy of a live performance to come through. We could not be more pleased with the result!”

Lily Carmichael, Former Arranger and Music Director of The Vassar Devils

Martin Music Productions logo by Max Kuchenreuther

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