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Capture your live performances with the high quality they deserve.

The beauty of live music is that each performance is never truly exactly the same. A lot of listeners and audience members are pulled to live concerts and performances because it's always a unique experience, and the same can be said for the performer even if that concert only happens once. These facts are why high-quality live recordings are extremely important. The goal is to ensure that the recording captures every aspect of the performance: technicality, dynamics, warmth, and the buzz of the room.

The problem most performers face is that a high-quality recording can be expensive. This fact often leads incredible performers to capture their concerts or recitals on an iPhone, computer webcam or video camera set up in the back of the room. While these methods do the job in a bind, they may not be enough to really portray everything about what made the performance special. So what's the solution? How about this: professional live audio and video for whatever you need at a price that won't break the bank.

Why Martin Music Productions can fit your budget:

Founder Connor Martin once performed in recitals and concerts he wished had quality recordings, and as a relatively recent graduate, he understands the financial struggle student and professional  performers face. Therefore, our rates are tailored to each situation and are guaranteed to be less than competitors while still delivering you the best possible product.

How we put together memorable recordings:

- Early on-site set up to find the best microphone and camera setup

- Thousands of dollars of high-end audio and video equipment

- Sonic and visual adjustments in real-time during your performance

- Audio editing in ProTools to reduce room noise and bring out the natural frequencies of your sound

- Video editing in Final Cut Pro X with light balancing, titles and transitions to give you a video you're proud of

What we can record for you:

- Concerts: chamber music, choir, orchestra, solo performances

- Student and faculty recitals

- Audition Videos: graduate school, festivals, contests

- "Studio live:" isolated performances for video purposes

If you're interested in booking Martin Music Productions to record your live event, click the link below!

Live Recording Media

Live Recording Media

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